The U.S. Fleet Cyber Command emblem is in the form of the traditional Navy logo with the yellow braid around its border and three stars representing the Commander. The word “cyber” derives from cybernetics, which originates from the Greek word kubernetes, meaning helmsman of a vessel. In the FLTCYBERCOM emblem, the helm can be seen encompassing a digital globe. This ties FLTCYBERCOM’s mission to our Naval heritage and the guiding role the command has in shaping the global cyber strategy for the Navy. Aggressively flying from right to left into the heavens above the globe is a red symbolic eagle. The eagle is red, representing strength and speed – reflecting the combined might of the command and its partners, and the speed at which operations occur in cyberspace. Grasped in the eagle’s talons are three lightning bolts. In Greek mythology, Zeus was given lightning bolts by the three Cyclops, whose aid was decisive in the war against the Titans. One lightning bolt for each Cyclops, they represent the personnel of FLTCYBERCOM and other collaborating organizations that together will assure decisive victory in cyberspace operations.