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Civilian Pre-Arrival Check-In
Information Assurance Training
Information Assurance (IA) awareness training is now mandated for all users of Department of Defense (DOD) information systems. This requirement applies to Department of Navy (DON) personnel who have or will require access to DOD or DON computers.
IA training must be taken annually, no later than September 1 each year, as a condition of being granted and retaining access to DOD and DON computer systems. The IA training course, DOD Information Assurance Awareness, is available on the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) website without the need of a Common Access Card (CAC). Validation of training completion is required in order for in-processing to proceed. 
Your Action 
Information Assurance (IA) Training     
First:  Complete IA training 
• VIA DISA (CAC not required): 
Second:  Print certificate of completion and bring to on-site check-in
Security Requirements
Security requirements include several activities that can be initiated prior to arrival but must be completed on site. FCC personnel who will work at Suffolk must check in with the Suffolk Security points of contact (POCs).
Your Action
Fill out and send the Counterintelligence Security Polygraph (CSP) form to you sponsor who should forward it to Security.
Fill out the Security In Processing Form (SIP).  If you have CAC you can electronically sign then print the form.  If you do not have a CAC, print and sign the form by hand. Please bring this form with you when you check in with security upon arriving on board.
The SIP Form, Military Additional Contact Sheet (ACS) and Military Continuation Sheet are all located in the forms library.
SLDCADA is the system FCC uses to track civilian Time Cards
Your Action
 3    ​
Please review the references contained in the SLDCADA folder in the Check-In library.